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Location of Hrabovcik, sometimes spelled Hrabovscik: Map coordinates are 4917 2134. This village is near the town of Svidnik, which is now in northeastern Slovakia. Please notice that my ancestral villages are located near the towns of Dukla, Sanok (now in southeastern Poland) and Svidnik (in northeastern Slovakia). These villages form a triangle whose corners are about 30 miles apart, yet my grandparents who emigrated from those areas between 1890 and 1910 met and married in the USA.

My surnames from this village are:

Sziry/Siry, Szlotta/Slota, Kacsmar, Czuprisin, Sorocinsky, Mihalko

Greek Catholic church records for this village have been microfilmed and are available at the FHL in your area (film #1792099 item 3) The 1869 Hungarian Census is FHL film #2150628 item 12. For a discussion of location of records prior to 1870 and after 1895 see this link

Genealogy - Czech and Slovak Republic #6799.1

My great grandmother, Catherine Slota Siry emigrated from this village about 1893 after the death of her husband, Jan Siry. I believe that she came to the USA along with members of her Slota family although I have not yet confirmed this. She married in the USA and then brought her three children to Plymouth PA, one at a time. My grandfather was her second living child, Michael Siry b. 1885 (somehow the surname was changed to Sirak in the USA). He was ten years old when he emigrated.

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From the 1869 Hungarian Census of Hrabovcik: Bala, Benyo, Bodencsak, Bodenycsak, Bodnar, Bozcs, Czuper, Czuprisin, Dorbasz, Duleba, Fedoronyko, Fuzo, Gorun, Gudman, Gulovics, Hacsko, Harvilka, Hlesisin, Hlesisin, Holodnvak, Hrinda, Hubalik, Hvosdosiko, Jakocsko, Koszsy, Koszsyse, Luda, Lvorko, Midrisin, Miga, Mihalko, Mihalynak, Miklos, Mirolyszko, Mayahomcsak, Mosily, Najduck, Padlics. Pajkos, Paliszczak, Pamik/Panik,Peruch/Piruch, Petroczko,Pidberezsni, Polyacsok, Popik, Pragted, Prihar, Puszkan, Remosciviks, Rovzsy, Ruszinko, Stefanko, Szurgent, Takocsko, Tekub, Tamko, Tecsko, Vanda, Vaszalenyko, Zavada


During the period 1892-1924, names of approximately 44 individuals from this village were recorded on ship manifests at Ellis Island. Some of them obtained from are: Bacsocsin, Bodencsal/Bodenczak/Bodencsak, Bodnar, Cajke/Csajka, Cuprisin/Cuprisen/Cuppisin/Cupriszyn/Cypriszin/ Zupezsin, Dirboz/Dirbaoz, Duleba, Fedoranka/Fedoranks/Fedronyko, Goron, Halko/Kalyko, Hinyreni, Jakocko, Ka…mar/Kaczmar/Raczmar,Kaszkalik, Koloszar, Komikosz, Linajda, Maskal, Maszkaly, Michalkania/ Michalkanin/Mihalkanin/ Muhalkamn, Michalko, Miga, Mizenko, Najduch/Neiduch/Neiduch, Palisczak/ Palescsak/ Paliszczak, Czaper, Piruch,Polaczik/Polacsik, Prihar,Pudas Slota/Szlota, Smajda, Sorccinsky/ Sorocinska/Surocinsky, Sorochtej, Szakocsko, Takocsko, Tkacsik, Vanda/Vanko, Vasilenko/Vaszilenko/ Wasylenko, Wonder, Yakocsko,Yawada/Zavada Remember to try all variations of surname spelling when searching EI records. Incidentally, the village name of Hrabovcik received at least 22 different spellings in the Ellis Island records.

People researching the village of Hrabovcik and surroundings

Would you like to post your email address and surnames of a nearby specific village here? Email me at is searching GORU / GORUN, HALKO Hrabovcik is probably the birthplace of my grandfather, Michael DERBAS (born about 1872) because the 1869 census states his older brother Paul was born there. Their father Francisek (Hungarian is Ferenc) was born not far away in Rovne. The family were peasant farmers in this area of rolling hills, cherry trees, and wooden churches. In 1880 many men were enticed by promises of work in America. Francisek immigrated leaving behind a young family and Americanized his name to Frank DERBAS. Sons Michael and Paul immigrated about 1894. All settled in Chicago to work at the Stock yards. I would enjoy email from anyone searching in this area.

Patrycja Petroczko (no current email address) is researching the surname PETROCZKO from Hrabovcik. is looking for SLOTA family in the USA who came from the village of Hrabovcik.

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