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Genealogy Sites and Resources This link is to the Family History Library of the LDS church. The library has the most extensive genealogy collection in the world. Microfilm can be requested and viewed at your nearest Family History Center. This is a forum of people who discuss family research ( and other related topics) of Czech, Slovak and Rusyn origin. It is one of my favorites. List members include many from Eastern Europe. I have learned so much from the “Experts” who write on this list. This address is not just for Jewish researchers. ShtetlSeeker is the best place to locate your ancestral village on a map. Since most of my immediate family lived in Luzerne County PA, I monitor this website a good bit. This Northeastern PA genealogy web site gave me some good information when I was trying to locate my grandfather’s naturalization papers. They were able to send me a copy of it for a very small fee. This is the “royal family” of genealogy lists. There are a lot of links to Eastern European information here. Since my family history is Lemko (Carpatho Rusyn) the many articles on the Web site have been educational. All my life I was told my family heritage was Ukrainian and I could never understand why the family villages were never located in the Ukraine. During the Austro-Hungarian reign, the areas of what is now western Ukraine and eastern Poland comprised the crownland of Galicia. The crownland was split up after WWI. The links of the people, now a part of Poland, to the people, now a part of Ukraine/USSR, were their religion (Byzantine), the Cyrillic alphabet and their political leanings.

Poland Gen Web There are many reference articles here that help you communicate with archives in Eastern Europe. This gentleman’s website has helped many researching in eastern Slovakia. He gives guidelines on organizing your search.

Genealogy provides a simple explanation on how to start your family search. I belong to this organization. They publish a very nice journal, also a membership booklet. They lead an annual summer tour “over the pond” emphasizing Rusyn heritage. Lots of information here for those researching areas of Poland. Even though my ancestors never considered themselves Polish, it so happens that their former lands now reside within Poland today. In 1999, I read a genealogy article in Time magazine that gave this web address, saying that if you have been told that your heritage is Ukrainian, better check out this site. I wrote to the Webmaster telling him what I knew about my family. Fortunately, I knew the name of my paternal grandfather’s village, Swiatkowa Wielka (of course my spelling of it was atrocious) He helped me locate the village on a map and sent me the information from the 1787 Austrian Cadastral. That is what got me started on finding my roots and I have been thankful for the internet ever since.

Great Message Lists

Poland Border Surnames I have learned so much by belonging to its message list. There is an extensive list of members’ surnames, which is updated weekly. A long lost cousin found me on this list and we have shared photos and family information ever since. A great site! This, again, is that great Website for Czech, Rusyn and Slovak chat. Click on the WHATS NEW link to find some fun stuff and interesting facts related to Eastern Europe.

Yahoo! Groups : bukowsko_triangle For those interested in Dudynce and vicinity, this message list has lots of knowledgeable members who are researching villages in the Gmina of Bukowsko, southeastern Poland.

Town/City History

Luzerne County, Pa. Town Histories From this page you can select the histories of Edwardsville, Hanover Twp. Hazleton, West Hazleton, Plymouth Boro and Wilkes Barre Wilkes-Barre, PA, Luzerne County, Scranton, Hazleton and surrounding areas. Genealogy Links for mining, railroads, Ireland and Germany It has a genealogy message board

Mine Patch Histories of communities including McAdoo which is close to Hazleton Pa. It has a map (1875) and history of Jeansville and some information on the Jeansville Iron Works, among other things.

Places of Worship in Freeland, Pa. - Pictures

Greater Hazleton Historical Society has some great old pictures of the town

About the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance tells about the modern day health services for Hazleton residents which evolved from the State Hospital for the treatment of Miners and the Corrigan Maternity Hospital which were a part of my family’s early days.

History of Hazleton and Surroundings History from prehistoric to modern.

Shamokin, PA profile - Shamokin, Pa. - Shamokin, Pennsylvania - Hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk has a great index where you can find demographics, genealogy information and history

History of Wilkes-Barre, PA - Capt'n Clint's Place documents some of the disasters that occurred in the area including the Agnes flood of 1972 which I remember. Several of my relatives lived along the dikes of the Susquehanna River and in the “flats” area and their houses were swept away.

Salem, Massachusetts -- History in the early 1900s Slavic immigrants came in large numbers. The National Park markers tell of locations of dormitories along Derby Street where immigrants would lodge until they could get established working in the factories in the area.

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Language Translation This site translates both ways. POL>ENG and ENG>POL I have used it when writing to some Polish families I met in 2002 on my ancestral pilgrimage. I don’t know how accurate it is and perhaps I put a few smiles on faces trying to read my translated letters. However!! It has helped me out in the reverse.

Ellis Island Records Information Using this site is the easiest way to search the Ellis Island records. Put in the first few letters of your ancestral village and you can print out all of the names of immigrants from that village. In my quest I came up with approximately 185 people from Dudynce, 185 from Swiatkowa and 80 from Hrabovcik This is the official Website of Ellis Island. What a wonderful thing it was when these records became searchable online. There were some difficulties with misspellings, but anyone who has tried to read the handwriting of old records understands how this could happen. All in all it was great to see my grandmother’s entry on the ship manifest in the original handwriting. Looking for a way to honor your immigrant ancestors? You need to do this. There is a permanent Wall of Honor at Ellis Island upon which your immigrant ancestors’ names can be etched. I had submitted some names of relatives and in May of 2003 I visited the island and found their names on the wall. The Ellis Island buildings have all been refurbished and the exhibits are appealing. It was a good feeling to have “walked the walk” of ones ancestors and to have sat on the benches and climbed the same stairs as they did in their quest for admission to the USA.

Webpages by Stephen P. Morse This man is a genius and has made the searching of Ellis Island records and other records so much easier. What a help he has been to genealogists online. Click on this address to see all of the ways he can help you search for information on your family.

Foreign Record Sources You can use google translate to translate the whole page into English. This is the online telephone directory of Slovakia. Enter at least the first three letters of the name you seek. If you don’t know the telephone area code, enter the number 0. You can double check the spellings of your surnames using this site or find people with the same surname in your ancestral town. Who knows, you may find a pen pal.

USA Record Sources Here is a source for naturalization records.

Cultural Information Svidnik is about 2 miles east of my ancestral village, Hrabovcik. Click on the English button then click on the history button on the site to learn what led residents to emigrate.

Sanok, Poland, Photos Sanok is a few miles away from my ancestral village, Dudynce.


Webcams in Poland Web site has cameras positioned in various towns/cities in Poland. You can click and see what is going on at that moment in that place. Remember that Poland is 6 hours ahead of EST in the USA

Lemko Map & costumes See traditional Lemko dress also discusses embroidery styles.


Origin of the Ukrainian Church in America A good bit of history here regarding the immigrants and the church. This is the church of my heritage

Carpatho-Rusyn Spirituality

The Ruthenian Catholic Church

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Maps Poland 1938 1939

Topographical Maps - scale 1:100,000 Swiatkowa Wielka and Mala

Topographical Maps - scale 1:100,000 Dudynce

Topographical Maps - scale 1:100,000 Hrabovcik

Historical Maps of Ukraine and Surroundings scroll down half way to the English section and click on various map

Web Page Design

These are the two sites that helped me most (If I can do it, anyone can.)

Social Web, how to design Web pages, by Richard Seltzer

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit When you get to the point of letting others know your site is online, this site can help you get the word ou

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